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There are two things we as humans need to survive... eating and sex. All life forms in existence depend n these,and have since he beginning of life. In our society today, eating is not only accepted to do in public, but is often preferred in a group. So why is this not the same with sex? One would think, considering that sex is what keeps humans on the planet (as opposed to eating which just keeps you on the planet), that sex would be be more accepted as a group activity... something to celebrate on holidays... for example; Christmas Orgies, birthday gang bangs (for both sexes, of course).

There was a time, not that long ago, when it was like this. Pompeii, ancient Greece & Rome... These Christian cultures had entire religions and lifestyles based around sex. Pompeii has statues of the gods fucking goats in the middle of the town square! Most of the houses in Pompeii were adorned with paintings of sex acts... in every room. Roman orgies are known of even today, 2,000 years later. They must have been damn good orgies! Socrates himself wrote of sleeping with men... and he is still considered one of the greatest minds in history.

So, what happened? Where did things start to get 'weird'? From my perspective, Christianity is highly suspect. Or perhaps we have done this because we simply enjoy sex better when it is in the shadows? We can always leave a few taboos just for kicks...but in general, in this new age of enlightenment, this new Renascence we are experiencing, I believe it is time to return to what is 'normal'... time to brings sex out of the shadows and into the light.

Maybe it has to do with Christianity... but the Puritans were pretty extreme too in their private lives! They kept their sex in the bedroom instead of making it "public" but generally they were pretty open about sex and very experimental compared to some other cultures!