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The word 'Tantra' has many definitions, depending on who you ask.  Over time its meaning has morphed and evolved. Today, in the West, Tantra has come to mean the practice of Sacred Sex, but historically Tantra as Sacred Sex was practiced by a very small minority.

Here, in the West, we accept the meaning of Tantra as a practical means of catalyzing biochemical transformations in the body to facilitate heightened states of awareness. These practices can be with or without ejaculation, as was the case historically. In both cases the goal was bliss and divine union.

Ancient Tantric texts are clear that sex three distinct and separate purposes—procreation, pleasure, and liberation. Those seeking liberation eschew frictional orgasm for a higher form of ecstasy, which usually involves the awakening of the nadi and the kundalini culminating in samadhi, where the participants disolve into unity.

In Tantra, the sex act between two people represents the male and female aspects of creation, Shiva and Shakti, (regardless of the sexes involved), and the goal of Tantric Sex is to not only merge with the divine through your 'other', but also to merge the male and female aspects within yourself.



  • Sexycation| What is Tantra? Information about Tantric Sex


  • Teleseminar series by Adam Apollo. Explore the nature of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies, characteristics, and challenges. Discover new ways of working with your masculine creative force, growing in love through depth and direction, and channeling your presence in fulfilling and life-enhancing ways. Explore the flows of feminine radiance and beauty, deepening surrender in love, bliss, and opening to the fullness of the ocean of the Self. Learn techniques for managing the balance within you, in your work, play, creating alchemy in relationship, and having great sex. Principles and teachings of David Deida, Mantak Chia, Rev. Michael Beckwith, Barbara Ann Brennan, and others will be explored.



  • Instructional tantra sex video for tantric tips by Jaiya
  • Daily Tantric Sex Practice to Improve Your Sex Life
  • This is a very good lesson on anal sex that adheres to the Kama Sutra.
  • Kamasutra techniques




  • Men, once practiced at awareness, can, when they notice their breath getting faster, consciously breathe slower and more fully.

    This allows them to move the sexual excitement through their body instead of unconsciously going right past all those exquisite feelings and going "over the top".

    If you notice that you're holding your breath, breathing very fast, or tightening during lovemaking and at the time right before orgasm, relax, let go and expand your abdomen with your breath.

    This deep belly breath opens the channels to allow the full-body orgasm. It will help you relax and at the same time build up a charge faster.


  • Sexual meditation can help you concentrate and gain strength for better performance.

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