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Here is a compilation of some of the content on Sexycation that will help you give better head to a man.  This is for beginners and the experienced... there is always something to learn (unless you are perfect, in which case, please contact us). 


  • Learn Oral Sex Techniques| Instructional Video by Jaiya


  • Listen to what these women have to say about giving their men oral.  They talk about timing, position, deepthroating, what they like and don't like.  This will give you a better idea of how to approach the issue if you are new to the experience.


  • Veronica Jett has a series of instructional videos.  Here she shows you the various parts of the penis and how to use them.  She then explains one of the more popular blowjob techniques (especially for men) of deep throating. (NOTE: the sound seems to be unsynced in this video, but stil useful)


  • ErosExotica's high quality instructional videos give a more advanced example of giving a man head... changing body position, approaching different parts of the penis, etc.... in 2 parts.

  • Here she uses her hands a lot more on the mans cock, which can give your mouth a rest.  Some men take a long time to cum when getting head, so you want to pace youself.

  • Giving a blowjob can be much more that just sucking his cock.  It can be a full body experiece where you enjoy giving each touch and lick, touching his entire body.  It is about giving him intense pleasure.

  • This is one of the better instructional videos on blowjobs.  Caren Caan shows some pretty sophisticated techiques, such as testing the man's response by feeling the pulse in his thigh.  She also point sut why blowjbs are actually more emotionally connecting that other forms fo sex. (NOTE: the sounds seems to be unsynced in the first part of the video)


  • This 1 hour video describes itself as "what every women wants to know and what every man wants her to know" (or something like that) .. in any case, it's not far from the truth. This is about as complete as it gets.

  • There might be some special considerations when giving head.  This video talks about giving head if you have peircings.

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